harry j

HARRY JORDAN has a new track out there recorded at Magic Garden, I’m A Hunter You’re My Prey riding a Jean Genie riff and hopefully eventually finding its way on to an official release and a new full album.


TOYAH’s 15th album, originally released in 2008, the title a playful reference to the debut album by her King Crimson husband Robert Fripp, In the Court of the Crimson Queen (Edsel) now gets a deluxe 2CD reissue, resequenced amd completely remixed by producer and writing partner Simon Darlow along with new instrumentation, including live drums to replace the previous programmed rhythms, plus five new recordings. The first of these kicks things off with Dance In The Hurricane, Fripp providing a spoken intro over a pulsing electronic drone before it explodes into a tumbling drums stomp that can’t help but call James’ Sit Down to mind while being quintessential Toyah. It’s followed by the second, Sensational, another uptempo lyrically celebratory number but with a more locomotive rhythm and a scorching guitar solo, in a similar styling to Latex Messiah off the original release. Disc one proceeds with a new running order of Telepathic Lover, the echoey vocals ballad Heal Ourselves, Lesser God, Love Crazy and the epic Legacy.

Disc two picks it up with another new number, another stabbingly urgent rock number 21st Century Supersister that’s a sort of meeting of T Rex and Twisted Sister. Bad Man, the AC/DC swagger Angel In You, a balladeering Hyperventilate and the riff driving Come complete the reworked tracks, the disc closing with two more newbies, Who Let The Beast Out, another hard rock styled pounder, and, by way of contrast, Our Hearts Still Beat, a slowly gathering, keys backed emotional epic that ends things on a heart throbbing pulse.

The original material may be 11 years old, but both it and the new tracks serve reminder that Toyah is far from some pop curio to be wheeled out on revival tours, but as dynamic a force as when she first declared I Want To Be Free 2018