the mike davies column october 2017


Sad to hear that GOODNIGHT LENIN are on an indefinite hiatus (but at least a year as one of them’s working overseas), especially give that, following the recent two singles, a new album was supposed to be released in early 2018. I’m assuming there are some tracks in the can that might yet emerge, but in the meantime perhaps John Fell might explore some solo projects (that voice is too good to remain silent) and I’ll be digging out the past recordings to remind myself of just what a stunning band they were/are.

THE SEMANTICS return with their second self-released EP, Acid Test, the title track a Joy Division/Editors-like number built around a steady drum beat, angular guitar riffs and Rob Lilley’s yearning vocals. Another City has a similar brooding feel and melody line, bolstered around Josh Rochelle-Bates steady bassline and Lilley and Bridie Georgia’s guitars and taking off into an atmospheric instrumental break midway. The third and final track, Painless is built more around the spare, hypnotic drum rhythm and throbbing bass, the vocals, and guitars held back in the mix to create a more cosmic otherworldly feel. Hopefully an album will be in the works for 2018. 2020