the roots and branches audio interview page

Roots & Branches is a programme presented by Steve Morris that was broadcast for many years on community radio in the UK’s West Midlands. The programme often included interviews with artistes and a number of these are presented below. They are the unedited broadcast masters and whilst the content may not be totally relevant in a chronological sense they remain, I believe, pretty interesting and well worth a listen.


Michael Chapman on Roots And Branches on January 31st 2013 talking about his life, career and his then upcoming show with Thurston Moore

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John Richards on Roots And Branches on January 10th 2013 talking about his life, his music and the new album The Lifeboat and the launch gig at Wolverhampton's Newhampton, Riches Street on January 26th 2013. It's a generous length so make yourself comfortable!

Tracks from The Lifeboat included with the express permission of John Richards.

MaryGauthier FrankZipperer

Mary Gauthier was a guest in October 2013 when we talked about her Live At Blue Rock album amongst other things.


This Al Stewart interview dates from the summer of 2010 when we talked about his then new live album and his career in general.

sailors revenge deluxe cover

Bap Kennedy has been a favourite of mine right back to the Energy Orchard days so it wa a pleasure to talk to him whenthe above album was released in the spring of 2012.


Iain Matthews appeared on the programme summer 2012 to talk about the retirement of Plainsong and more.


Dennis Locorriere from back in 2010.


The legendary Steve Gibbons from early in 2011.


Lucy Wainwright Roche talks about family and more in the summer of 2012.


Katriona Gilmore talking about Gilmore Roberts pre Cropredy Festival in the summer of 2011.


Fairport's Chris Leslie talking about The Cropredy Festival and more in summer 2012. 2014